Anne Pro Internals

This short book aims to document how the Anne Pro Keyboard really works internally as part of the alternative firmware project.

What is the Anne Pro and why should I care?

It's a cheap (around $50 shipped on AliExpress) but good quality mechanical keyboard.

It's also very hackable, being built on two STM32L151 microcontrollers and with all programming pins neatly exposed. Open source support for STM32 chips is very good, they work particularly well with embedded Rust.

Contributing to this documentation

Please help out documenting how the Anne Pro (both AP1 & AP2) works to help others get started!

To do so edit these Markdown files and send a Pull Request on GitHub.

You can preview your changes locally by building the docs with gitbook. Run gitbook install once to get dependencies, then gitbook serve in the root folder. Your edition will at http://localhost:4000/ and reloaded after every save.

As an alternative, you can use mdBook with mdbook serve --port 4000 docs

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